Culture of Pakistan and America

January 7, 2017

The chat “culture” holds altered meanings for humans who appear from altered cultures. Generally, ability refers to the traditions, values, lifestyles, community and the ancestry of an individual. Ability basically enlightens us about a person’s way of life. Mostly humans chase the ability of their ancestors as it is difficult to abound up with assertive norms and ethics and again adjudge that you do not wish to be a allotment of that ability anymore. Ability plays a basic role in a personality of an abandoned as during the primary socialization process, an abandoned grows up in the cultural ambiance provided by their ancestors and humans tend to internalize things apprenticed if they’re young. For example, accouchement watch cartoons and butt whatever they can from those animation characters back adolescent humans are acquisitive to apprentice and analytical to apperceive about their surroundings.

However, not anybody brand to stick to their cultural ethics accustomed their situation. For instance, an abandoned ability appear from a acrid ability that does not yield into annual the aspect of respect. These types of norms in a ability ability be the could cause as to why humans alluvion afar from their cultures. The abstraction that abounding humans get acquired abroad from their ancestor cultures is not offbeat. In this essay, we will altercate two cultures; the American ability and the Pakistani ability (Shamama-tus-Sabah and Gilani). Both cultures assume to be poles apart. Pakistani ability is generally referred to as the eastern ability while American ability is accepted as western ability in abounding locations of the world.

In Pakistani culture, families commonly tend to breach together. The ancestors anatomy that is a lot of accepted in Pakistan is the continued ancestors anatomy as a lot of of the households comprise of two or added than two generations. This agency that grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts reside beneath the aforementioned roof typically. There are abounding affidavit as to why continued ancestors anatomy is boundless a allotment of Pakistani culture. Abounding families tend to breach calm due to banking issues. As there is a abridgement of application opportunities for the alive chic families in Pakistan, there is usually one getting who earns and supports the family. There tends to be a amazing bulk of burden on that one earning abandoned as there are a lot of humans abased on his earnings. Therefore, kin in Pakistani ability are acerb chip and breach abutting for a lot of of the time.

Typically, fathers authority the stronger position in the ancestors as they are the earning individuals who run the family. Thus, they are added acceptable to yield important decisions or all decisions of the family, for that matter. Also, back Pakistan is accepted for its affectionate culture, it is not camp that macho associates usually authority a ascendant cachet in the family. In the avant-garde world, apprenticeship has alveolate up a footfall and humans are auspicious apprenticeship for women in Pakistan. In the past, females were mostly beat to be accomplished as the affectionate association believed that if women were accustomed apprenticeship rights, they would beating down the patriarchy and breach all the acceptable norms and ethics (Fazal). However, women are still apprenticed to their country and not abounding of them are accustomed to go abroad or abroad from their families for college education. There are some exceptional, advanced families that do not put limitations on their accouchement and let them do what they are amorous about.

Another average of the Pakistani ability is that any profession added than acceptable a doctor or an architect is frowned upon. Artists, musicians, actors, poets, authors and added such professions are not encourages at all, even by their families. If an abandoned tells their ancestors that they wish to become an artist, for instance, their family’s acknowledgment would a lot of apparently be, “you are a abasement to the family”. Pakistani ability is not as advanced as the American ability but it has appear a continued way from its acceptable anatomy and has a continued way to go until every abandoned feels absolved and has a faculty of their chargeless will.

Pakistan is an Islamic accompaniment thus; adoration plays a cogent role in Pakistani culture. Religious occasions such as Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Adha, the 9th and 10th of Muharram are appear as accessible holidays in Pakistan. Added accessible holidays cover the Independence Day, the aegis day, the altogether of the architect of Pakistan (Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah) and abounding more. Eid ul Fitr is one of the a lot of acclaimed holidays in Pakistan as it is the anniversary of Ramadan advancing to an end. Eid is a blissful anniversary as the accomplished country celebrates it exuberantly and with so abundant enthusiasm. Humans go an added mile to advice the poor and duke out as abundant Zakat as they can in the way of Allah. Eid and Ramadan are absolutely two occasions that accompany the accomplished country together.

Families in the American ability tend to be mostly apart. Even if a ancestors lives beneath the aforementioned roof, they do not allotment a band that holds a ancestors together. The top amount of annulment and additional marriages is a affidavit that families in the American ability tend to breakdown or abatement afar due to abounding reasons. One acumen why families do not stick calm in the American ability is because accouchement are accustomed abandon at a actual adolescent age (Spindler and Spindler). For example, accouchement aloft 13 accept the appropriate to alarm the adolescent casework if they feel like their ancestors is getting oppressive. Teenagers usually do not accept a clue about what is appropriate and what is amiss for them. However, they still tend to affirmation that they apperceive it all. This borders their parents therefore, parents do not get to authority assimilate their adolescent ones for long. On the added hand, if not the children, one of the parents leaves the added due to an affair, cerebral problems etc. Single ancestor families usually end up abrogation the ancestor abandoned in a advance home or on their own.

Extended families are not accepted in the American ability as grandparents usually retire to advance homes and families pay them a appointment on holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween are holidays that are acclaimed with alacrity and bite in American culture. Halloween is a accessible anniversary area humans dress up in costumes, go out and admix with their admired ones. Trick or amusement is one of the things that accouchement are a lot of agog about back it is a attitude to beating on doors about the adjacency and ask for as abundant bonbon as you like. Holidays like these brings the families together. Abounding altered religions are followed by humans who reside in America (Brauer). For example, Muslims, Jews and Christians and abounding added humans from altered religious backgrounds reside in the aforementioned country and chase their religious ethics freely. As a lot of humans from altered religious backgrounds reside in America, they are chargeless to do whatever they wish to.

Public affectation of amore is something that is not at all acceptable in Pakistani ability due to the religious background. However, in American culture, concrete acquaintance amid two people, whether they are in a aggressive accord or not, is not frowned upon. Parents of some adolescent humans ability not animate it but it is not absolutely bizarre. Compared to the Pakistani culture, the adolescence is accustomed added alternative in the American culture. Teenagers are accustomed assorted opportunities to analyze themselves and ability their best abeyant no amount what accomplish they ability accept to yield in adjustment to get there. Parents are added admiring of their accouchement in the American ability and accommodate them with all the affliction they ability need.

Bullying is one of the capital issues in the American culture. A lot of acceptance at schools accept that they can get their way through blowing added students. Targets of blowing are usually fat, aphotic or acceptance from addition race. Blowing has been a above acumen abaft acceptance alteration schools, developing brainy illnesses such as depression, complexes, all-overs etc. Racism is aswell witnessed in the American ability and is not alien at all. The affliction allotment about active in the USA has to be the stereotypes set up adjoin the minorities by bullies. However, the best allotment about active in the USA is that there is consistently an befalling to stop the blowing and racism and footfall out of whatever bothers you or stops you from affective advanced as it is a chargeless country, abounding of new doors that advance to greater things.

It is bright as clear that the Pakistani and American ability alter in so abounding ways. While families in the Pakistani ability are carefully knit, families in the American ability draw afar as they abound older. However, Pakistani ability is not as advanced the American culture. Pakistani ability places boundaries on the adolescence to a assertive admeasurement while the American ability provides its adolescence with as abundant befalling it can to go above their banned and accomplish what no one abroad could. However, both cultures accept their audible attributes; both the cultures accommodate the humans active there with a faculty of acceptance and an identity.

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